Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

(I picked this title after I wrote this piece.  I love that song! Just downloaded it too!)

Ever wonder how Edison had the time to apply for 1093 successful patents?  Or Da Vinci to be such a prolific painter, sulptor with thousands of journals accredited to him???  I'll tell you how.  NO CABLE TV!!

That right.  Without 708 channels (including pay per view and sports) they actually had  (I should say GOT) to LIVE THEIR LIFE. 

I guess you may be wondering what brought this on??  I have so many ideas and very little time.  (BACKGROUND.......  I am not supposed to be here.  I had an expiration date that passed about 6 years ago so I am feeling a little pressured to get done what I had in mind when I was young. )

Anyway, since evidently, I am not going to be a rock star, (think they have a max age limit on American Idol) and not an international sex symbol  (lol) or a nobel prize winning physisist.  (Pretty sure you have to be able to spell =physisist= to win the prize), I need to get busy on what I can realistically take on and finish.. 

I do have some ideas.  Most have to do with my photography.  (If I ever sell anything then I can die happy. ) (Just kidding God). 

Anyway,  I have several ideas of a series of photographs that I want to compile.  One is :"Death of Dixie".  This is (or will be) a pictorial of the slow decline of a way of life.  (If I had ever gone for my Masters, which I am pretty sure you have to have a Bacholors before you do that) I would have done my Thesis on how Air Conditioning ruined the Southern Way of Life.  (That is a subject for an entire other posting I will save for lalter.)

Another is "Love in the Low Country.  This is a collection of pictures of kisses.  Young lovers, old couples, mother and child, man and puppy, you know.  Just the "feel so good that you can't help but smile" moments.

I remember that once I told my first Ex Husband. (Just kidding.  Not about the Ex but the first) I wanted to be remembered.  I meant in the "listed in the history books, made a huge difference, saved mankind" kind of way.  He told me I wanted too much.  Boy, that pissed me off!!  Now I have to admit that he may have not been entirely wrong.  Not that he was RIGHT!!.  No.  Just not wrong. 

I do beleive that I have run out of time.  As much as I don't like to admit it, I may just vanish like I never was.  I think all I can hope for now is that somewhere down the line, my decendants will do something remarkable.

 Everyone wants to make a difference.  But you never know.  Maybe I already have.  Maybe my life touched someone in a way that changed the world.  Each one of us touches so many lives and we never know the efect we have.  I am sure that the young boy that was my first kiss doesn't know that I think of him everytime I here "Doctor My Eyes" or that my Grandmother, when she was still living, knew that when I smell country ham I think of Christmastime at her house.  Or that my parents know that when I hear Amazing Grace, I think of the day I was saved at age 8 and they were there with me and what they mean to me.

I need to remember that even if I never do another worthwhile act in my life, I have touched someone.  You need to remember it too!!

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